Dinosaurs and why Dinosaurs vanished from the earth

What is a dinosaur?

Dinosaurs are a type of large vertebrate group of prehistoric animals. Scientists estimate that the first dinosaurs saw the light of day on Earth approximately 232 million years ago.  They have existed on earth for about 150 million years.

The reign of the dinosaurs and their location

Dinosaurs and why Dinosaurs vanished from the earth

According to most scientists, dinosaurs appeared on Earth approximately 220 or 230 million years ago, and they survived on Earth for about 150 million years.  At this time, dinosaurs ruled over the whole world except the North Pole. 

Different types of dinosaurs roamed freely in water, land, sky.  Currently, more than 600-750 species of dinosaurs have been identified and named.  Many of these species of dinosaurs we have seen in Hollywood's famous movies like Jurassic Park, Jurassic World, The Good Dinosaur.

Reasons for the extinction of dinosaurs

Dinosaurs ruled the world for many years.  These giant creatures have lived on this earth for about 150 million years.  But what happened later?  Why did they become extinct on earth?  What happened that completely erased the names and flags of the dinosaurs?  Let's not know.  We have to go far back to know that.

About 60 million years ago, the earth was very calm and beautiful.  The vegetation all around, the cold air, the sunlight and these dinosaurs.  Dinosaurs ruled the world.  But then the disaster came down suddenly.  At that time an asteroid with a diameter of 10 kilometers was coming towards our earth.  

The speed of the asteroid doubles as it enters the Earth's gravitational field.  It descends towards the earth at a speed of about 60 km.  After entering the Earth's atmosphere, it is transformed into a ball of fire by friction.  And the heat was so intense that all the creatures around 800 km away became blind.  They could see something but they could feel it.

There was a terrible explosion after the asteroid hit the ground.  The explosion was so intense that millions of metric tons of metal from the earth went into the sky.  At the site of the explosion, the hole was 1160 km wide and 20 km deep.  The epicenter was reported below the Earth's surface, however; no tsunami alert was issued.  This causes terrible waves in the sea.  And one tsunami after another spread all over the world.

The cataclysm of the world had begun.  All the creatures within 600 kilometers of this explosion were burning to coal.  All the water in the earth evaporates due to this heat.  All the creatures that could fly survived this catastrophe.  But that was only the beginning of the cataclysm.

The millions of metric tons of dust and rocks that went into the sky as a result of the explosion turned into fire just 40 minutes later and started hoping down again.  And a big dust storm was calling for death at 20,000 kilometers per hour.  This dust storm was up to a few kilometers long.  

As a result, it was almost impossible for sunlight to reach the earth.  Sunlight has not reached the earth for several years.  This is why all the plants on earth are starting to die out.  The storm covered the earth from all sides.  Ninety minutes after the eruption, the earth's temperature drops to 150 degrees Celsius.  Due to this, even the animals that were away from the area could not escape the heat.

As a result of this catastrophe, 75 percent of the world's life was lost.  But this cataclysm was good news for some.  The extinction of dinosaurs and the emergence of new species began.  The rest of these dinosaurs remained for our future.  

Which we now find in different parts of the world.  A few million years after this cataclysm, dinosaurs became extinct.  And a new process begins on earth.  In this new world our ancient civilization continues to evolve over time.  And that's how dinosaurs became extinct on our planet.

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