Hidden Fact About Human Body

Today we are going to know all the 10 facts of human life that are going to surprise you.

1. You know that a person's fingerprint will never match that of any other person on earth.  But what you don’t know is that every human body smells and is different, like a fingerprint.  You will not find any of the 650 crore people in the world that will match your body odor perfectly.

Hidden Fact About Human Body

2. You may be surprised to hear this fact.  Scientists have found that kissing one another for 10 seconds transfers about 40,000 bacteria.  Of course, most of its bacteria are not harmful to humans.  But things are really different.

3. The fun of swimming in a swimming pool on a hot day is different.  But have you ever noticed that your eyes turn red when you get up from the swimming pool?  Do you know why?  

If you think our eyes are red for the chlorine that is used to keep the water in the sweeping pool clean, then you are wrong.  According to a researcher, it is made from flora chloramine.  And this chloramine is made as a result of the mixture of liquid and chlorine coming out of the human body.

4. You may have heard from childhood that it is better to save at a young age.  Then many more beards will grow.  If you bald too much, your hair will grow again.  That is why many people grow more hair and beard and become more bald. 

But let me tell you that hair growth is a genetic process.  If you are bald, your hair will not be thick or thin.  And even if you save frequently, you won't have a beard.  In case of baldness, the density of short hair seems to be much higher.  Due to the hair looks a little thicker.

5. You must eat banana.  If you ask anyone, it will tell you many benefits.  But you will be surprised at what you know now.  You may not know that radio is activated through callers.  Each banana contains potassium.  

Which contains radioactive iso-food.  And as a result, bananas continue to produce radiation.  So you should stop eating bananas?  If you want to die by eating bananas, then you have to eat 1 crore bananas together.  Otherwise you have to pick 285 bananas every day for 7 years.

6. You have seen many cancer patients.  Those whose hair is thrown away.  You may have also seen many patients where they do not have a single hair on their head.  That's why the same question comes to everyone's mind that why do cancer patients lose their hair?  Or their hair is cut on purpose.  

Cancer patients have to take a lot of medicine.  Many injections are pushed into their bodies.  These injections and medications have adverse effects on the human body.  And all these effects fall on the hair of the patient's head.  This is why cancer patients lose their hair very easily.  Hair is also cut to protect the patient from various infections.

7. Learn about the RKT facts about cancer.  Can't wait to talk about how deadly and terrible cancer is.  But you will also be surprised to hear that our body's defense system destroys about 2 cancer cells every day.  That cell is enough for us to get cancer.

8.You must have noticed that if you keep your hands and feet in the water, your hands and feet will get very swollen.  Then it seems that we are old.  According to scientists, a kind of active system works in our body.  

As a result of being in the water, our body becomes inactive.  This is a very good process to keep our skin alive.  However, when this system becomes inactive, the working capacity of our hands does not decrease at all.  This process is also seen in animals other than humans.

9. The human body is made up of many elements.  You will be surprised to know that one of these elements is Gold.  Now you may be wondering if that gold can be separated from the body through surgery.  

So let me tell you, it's never possible if you think about it.  Because even though we have gold in our body, its amount is very low.  A person weighing 61 kg has only 0.2 mg of gold in his body.  

In other words, it is possible to extract only 6 grams of gold from the body of a person weighing 40,061 kg.  Through many years of research, scientists have discovered that gold plays a very important role in sending electrical signals to the body's bone joints and the body.

10. Most people have known since childhood that there are 5 senses in the human body.  In other words, 5 types of senses work in the human body.  The ability to touch, test, smell, see and hear.  It was published by the Greek philosopher Aristotle in 350 BC.  

But to be honest, there are not only 5 senses in our body, but there are many more senses.  Many scientists say that there are 22 to 23 senses in our body.  Such as the ability to sense temperature, the ability to maintain balance, the ability to move, and so on.

You must tell us in the Commen box which of these 10 facts surprised you the most.

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