How the earth was created? How did the earth become suitable for the existence of life?

Earth and the moon connection

How has the world become suitable for living like this?  And how did life begin to exist on this earth?  Have you ever thought about this?  No, that's not how the world is today.  After going through many steps, this beautiful world of ours has taken on this form today.  Now let's find out the secret.

We all know that the Big Bang Theory created our universe and our world.  And since then, about 6 billion years ago, burning meteorites began to fall on the earth at this time.  These were accompanied by ice crystals which later formed the ocean.  7.5 billion years ago, meteorites began to rain again.  This time they brought minerals with them.  Which later originated on earth.

About 5 billion years ago, the first oxygen originated, which is now used by all of our animals.  About 2.9 billion years ago, the first ice sheets began to form on Earth, and then the whole earth was covered with ice.

About 2.5 billion years ago, the amount of oxygen on Earth increased dramatically.  And there was the presence of oxygen everywhere from the sea to the land.  1.5 billion years ago we had some small islands on Earth.  But over time, that is likely to change.  As a result, those small islands became intertwined.  And created a super continent.  Whose name was Rudinia.

If we calculate, it will be seen that all the islands of this period, which were together at Og, later became all separate which will later become a continent.  About 850 million years ago today, that super continent split in two.  And burning lava started coming out from there.  Some time later, the Ice Age began again on Earth.

First look of the earth

 The first life was created in the sea 51 crore years ago.  About 460 million years ago today, weight gas was created in the Earth's atmosphere, which continues to protect us from the sun's harmful rays.  The first tree on earth was formed about 410 million years ago.

Forests were created on earth about 400 million years ago.  And about 50 million years ago, an animal moved from the sea to the land.  Which are later transformed into other animals that live on the ground.  And later this animal was going to be transformed into many more different animals.  And dinosaurs appeared on Earth 240 million years ago.  Who were then on their way to rule the earth about 160 million years ago.

About 190 million years ago, the first living creatures appeared on earth.  And about 75 million years ago today, all the dinosaurs were destroyed, except for the creatures under the ground, due to the arrival of a huge asteroid on Earth.  And about 47 million years ago, the earth's tectonic plates began to move again.  Due to which the country called India is moving towards Asia.  The Himalayas or Mount Everest was created as a result of the collision between this Asia and India.

Modern mammals originated on Earth 47 million years ago.  And humans appeared on this earth about 200,000 years ago.  From then on the journey of mankind began.  And this is how our world was created and with it mankind was created.  And in this way this beautiful world of ours is suitable for living like today from zero and creates life.

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