How moon is formed and What if the moon is destroyed?

Our sun originated about 5 billion years ago today.  And with that comes the origin of all the planets in our solar system.  Our world is also created.  According to the theories of some scientists, a planet in the shape of Mars in our solar system detaches from its orbit and collides with our Earth.  

As a result, some parts of our earth and those planets move from the earth into space.  But due to the gravitational force of our earth, the parts of the earth and those planets revolve around the earth.  Over time, that is likely to change.  Then the ones come together at once.  Later they gradually took the shape of a ball and have been orbiting the earth ever since.  And this is our well-known moon.

How moon is formed and gives us lights?

According to some scientists, life on earth began only a short time later.  And without the moon, life on earth cannot survive.  But why?  Why would life be impossible without the moon?  Let's not know what will happen to our earth if the moon is destroyed.

All the sea water in our world is controlled by Chad.  As big waves as you can see in the ocean and tides every day, the moon plays the biggest role behind it.  The moon pulls the earth's water towards itself due to its gravitational ball.  

As a result, the sea water of the earth swells.  And the waves we see in this ocean water that many people think are actually wrong for the wind.  These are completed due to the moon being 3 lakh 64 thousand 400 kilometers away from the earth.  Not only the moon, but also the sun pulls our earth towards itself because of its gravitational force.  

But because the sun is so far away from our earth, its gravitational pull is less.  The moon is 400 times farther away from the earth than the sun.  Due to which the attraction of the moon is more than that of the sun even after the sun is bigger than the moon.

But now what if we don't remove the moon from this system?  This means that the moon suddenly becomes a blast, then what will happen.

Whenever the moon disappears, huge waves will form in the sea within 1 minute.  Huge means much bigger.  And the eye waves will start crashing on the beach.  After 1 minute, big tornadoes, tsunamis and tidal waves will hit the world.  

After 5 minutes, all the big islands in the world will sink under the sea.  Everyone near the sea will see their own city being destroyed before their very eyes.  Within an hour, every city near the sea will be submerged.  

Then suddenly all the wailing will calm down.  This means that the sea water will move to a certain level.  That is, the sea will balance itself.  This means that the wailing will last for only 1 hour after the disappearance of the moon.  After 1 hour everything will cool down.

But after this 1 hour, this world will not be the same as before.  Also the biggest scary event would be that now our earth rotates 23.2 degrees.  And the moon holds the earth in this position.  But when there is no moon, the earth will lose its control.  

That is why the earth will begin to crumble.  As a result, the seasons of the earth will change every hour.  That is, where the earth was covered with ice, there will be intense heat every hour.  And where it was hot, it will be very cold.  

And the reason is that the earth is spinning on its own axis.  This earthquake will cause an earthquake somewhere.  And because of this tremor, all the volcanoes in the world will move.

After 12 hours, it will be seen on TV news channels that out of the total 700 crore people in the world, 100 crore people have died.  5 days after the disappearance of the moon will be seen that human life will become very difficult.  

It will be very hot every hour and then it will be so cold every hour that the water will turn to ice.  Due to which it will be very difficult for people to live in the world.  On the other hand, due to the huge tidal wave in the sea water, the life of the sea water will change a lot.  

Many fish will die and new hybrid fish will be seen who will basically be created to live in such conditions.  Farmers will not be able to produce food then.  Because the season is changing every hour.  Due to excessive heat and extreme cold, it will not be possible to produce any grain normally.  

Then the only way to eat will be artificially cultivated food in a scientific lab.  As a result, just 5 days after the disappearance of the moon, the price of food has increased almost 100 times.  Due to which many people will not be able to buy food and will die due to lack of food.  People will start living underground to survive this weather.

The biggest surprise and terrible thing will happen on the 6th day.  The 6th day will come only after 6 hours from the 5th day.  That means then there will be only 3 hours night and 3 hours day.  

This means that the whole day on earth will be 8 hours instead of 24 hours.  Because when the moon was next to the earth, the moon controlled the earth because of its rotation ball.  And held the earth on its axis.  But when the moon disappears, there will be no one to rotate the earth slowly on its own axis.  

Due to which the earth will start revolving in many pairs.  That is why there will not be a year in 365 days on earth.  Rather, it will be one year in more than 1000 days.  All the clocks in the world will be useless.  So scientists will think of inventing a new clock that will only have 6 hours on the clock.

After a month of that time people will become familiar with this situation.  Then people will plan various ways to stay in such a situation.  Students in school and college will read that there used to be one day in 24 hours on earth.  And this world was so beautiful.

A story like the one we've heard for so long actually happened once.  No, that didn't happen to our world.  This happened with Mars.  According to scientists, Mars once had satellites like our Earth.  Then there was water.  

Many thought that there was life.  But because of a star blast, a lot of strong gamma rays came and completely destroyed the satellite of Mars.  As a result, this is the condition of Mars today.  But we have nothing to fear.  Because we have no stars except the sun.  Which is not likely to be a blast.

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