New Theory of Big Bang 2021

Our solar system was formed about 4.5 billion years ago.  Then slowly the sun is created.  Which holds our planet, Mars, all the planets including the moon.  But this is not the end of our universe.  Our solar system is constantly revolving.  And running in space at about 14 miles / second.  And so it revolves around a circle with countless more star systems.  

And this huge region with about 200 billion stars is called the Milky Way galaxy.  Which is called our galaxy.  A local group of 125 billion galaxies is formed.  And a super cluster is formed with many more such local groups.  And according to scientists, our universe is made up of 10 million more super clusters.  This is called the Universe.  It's too big.

Our universe is constantly growing.  And since our universe is constantly growing, it can be said that this universe was once very small.  If we go back a lot in time, we will see that this universe was once the equivalent of a planet.  If we go further back, we will see that our universe was once like a small ball.  As time goes on, it can be seen that our universe was once smaller than a tiny particle.

New Theory of Big Bang 2021

According to scientists, 14 billion years ago, our universe was as small as an atom.  And then something happens.  An explosion occurred and from then on everything started to spread.  Then there is the creation of existence.  In less than a million millionths of a second, this atom becomes larger than a galaxy.  And it continues to grow.  And we call this phenomenon the Big Bang Theory.

The first atom was created in this universe 4 million years after the explosion.  And it was a hydrogen atom.  At that time the world was very hot.  Later a gravitational ball is formed here.  And because of this gravitational ball, the atoms of this hydrogen keep coming closer.  

At that time the temperature was 800,000 degrees Fahrenheit.  Then hydrogen molecules combine to form helium.  And in this way the first star is formed by combining innumerable atoms of helium.  Thus the number of stars continues to increase over time.

But even then no planet was created.  Because planets are created due to the explosion of stars.  Over time, helium reacts with itself to form different molecules.  From helium to lithium, from lithium to carbon, neon and other molecules are formed.  In this way iron is formed from the reaction.  

But because iron does not react with any other molecule, the amount of iron in the center of the stars continues to increase.  As a result, the mass also increases.  If such a mass continues to increase in the center, at some point the star will explode.  The explosion caused black holes to form.  After all, different molecules are formed which later come together to form a planet.  

This process continues for the next 6 million years.  And different planets continue to be created.  Our sun originated about 4.5 million years ago today due to such an explosion.  A lot of dust is slowly coming towards the sun.  And this is how the first planet was created.  And our earth and other planets are also created.

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