Top 10 expensive food in the world with price

Food is very important for everyone.  Food is very important for any job.  If we don't eat food then we can't survive.  Although we all need food, but now eating good and expensive food has become a hobby of people.  People nowadays eat not for survival but for taste.  

The poor eat less expensive food and the rich eat that food in a more luxurious way.  Ever wondered what a lot of great people eat.  What is the price of their food?

Richest food

Friends, there are many foods in this world that will surprise you.  Let's not know the 10 foods in the world that are at the top in terms of price.

10. Matsutake Musrooms

Matsutech mushroom is one of the most expensive foods in the world.  This is no ordinary mushroom.  Rather the most expensive mushroom in the world.  Nowadays the amount of mushroom eating has increased.  So maybe the price of this variety of mushroom is so high.  

These mushrooms are found in many countries such as Japan, China, Korea.  They are available in many forms.  But the ones that are found in Japan are the most famous.  This mushroom is found in trees.  These mushrooms are available in very small quantities during harvesting.  

In Japan, this mushroom kennel weighs about 1 ton.  Their prices are so high due to low production.  The price of just 1 kg of this mushroom is 1000 dollars which is more than 80,000 Bangladeshi rupees in the morning.

9. Bombay Brassiers Samundari Khazana Curry

You may be surprised to see such a big name.  But its name you can only say Khazana curry.  This dish is made in India.  Bombay Brassiers is the name of an Indian food company.  They once decided that they too would make a dish that would be one of the most expensive dishes in the world.  

They have also made such food.  This dish contains diamond crabs, golden leaves, quail eggs and gold-plated Scottish lobster.  This dish is made with a special spice.  Which makes it a lot more fun.  The price of this food is about 2 lakh 40 thousand rupees which is about 2 lakh 60 thousand Bangladeshi rupees.  This food is in the ninth position in the list of expensive foods.

 8. European White Truffles

This dish is very popular in Europe.  This truffle is found in Europe under a special soil that looked like a potato.  This food is so special because it is a very rare food.  White truffles are the most famous and are used during special feasts.  These foods are found by a special dog.  A pound of white truffles costs about ৭ 2,800, which is about 290,000 Bangladeshi rupees.

7. Domeniico Crollas Pizza Royale 2007

You must have eaten pizza at some point.  Now if you ask Pana how much a typical pizza costs.  Then your answer will be 100 to 1000 rupees.  But now you will be surprised to hear the price of the pizza you are going to know.  

This pizza was actually made by a Scottish chef, Dominico Crowala Dhrola.  He thought of making a special Pizza Royal 007.  He made this pizza using special ingredients.  The price of this pizza is about 3100 dollars or about 3 lakh Bangladeshi rupees.

6. Densuke Watermelon

In our country, eating watermelon is a very common thing.  Moreover, it is also available much cheaper.  But that doesn't seem to be the case in Japan.  Growing watermelons in Japan is a lot of hard work.  Many special types of watermelon are produced in Japan.  

The most special and expensive watermelon is the Densiuk watermelon.  These watermelons are black in color.  This watermelon is much more fun than all the other watermelons.  For which this watermelon is in our list.  In Japan, such a watermelon costs about 6500.00 Which is about 5 lakh Bangladeshi rupees.

5. Wagyu Beef pie

Do you like beef?  Yes, everyone likes it.  But how much money can you spend to eat beef.  If you say that as much as you want, then Wagyu Beef is for you.  This is no ordinary beef.  Rather it is the most expensive beef in the world.  

You can only buy it when you are a millionaire or a millionaire.  You may be surprised to hear the price.  This beef is made by a chef in England.  A single pie of Wagyu Beef costs ৯ 15,900.  Which is 11 lakh 32 thousand Bangladeshi rupees.  And if you take only one piece without one pie, then you have to pay around 1 lakh 10 thousand rupees.

 4. Yubari King Melon

As its name implies, so does its price.  You will all eat papaya.  Papaya is available in any market.  But you will not find this papaya in the general market.  These papayas are not like those papayas.  You should be surprised to hear the price.  The price of these papayas is 22500 dollars or 19 lakh Bangladeshi rupees.

 3.  Almas Caviar

Almas caviar is the rarest food in Iran.  Caviar is always very expensive.  But when it comes to a special and rare caviar, its price must be much higher.  This specially made caviar in Iran is sold for millions of rupees.  There is only one such caviar in the world.  

And it is located in London.  The name of this shop is Caviar House.  Interestingly, these caviars are served in 24 carat gold cans.  A can of Elmas Caviar costs ০০ 25,000 or 20 lakh Bangladeshi rupees.  It's really mind boggling.

2. Lindeth Howe Country House Hotel Chocolate Pudding

English chef Mark Gilbert makes this pudding when he wants to make the most expensive pudding in the world.  Mark uses edible gold, caviar and the funniest chocolate to make this pudding.  He also put diamonds on this pudding.  For which the price has gone up even more.  

Moreover, gold lids are used to cover these dishes.  If you want to eat this pudding, let me tell you, this little pudding costs ০০ 34,000.  Which is about 30 lakh Bangladeshi rupees.  I know your desire to eat is gone after hearing the price.

 1.  Italian White Alba Truffle

If we talk about the most expensive food in the world, it is the Italian White Elba Trafal.  These are found only in the northern part of Italy.  These are so rare that their prices are rising day by day.  The price of these truffles has gone up from Tk 56 lakh to Tk 18 lakh 32 thousand in a few years.  

One person bought these truffles for 1 kg 1 crore 35 lakh rupees and made it the most expensive food in the world.  It is really surprising to think that the price of food is 1 crore 35 lakh rupees.

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