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Long life animal

If you are asked which are the longest living animals in the world, the name of the tortoise must come to your mind.  But now you are going to know about 10 animals besides turtles whose age you will be surprised to know!  So let's find out.

10. Rough Eye Rockfish

Rough Eye Rockfish

Rough Eye Rockfish is so named because of its eyes.  Their eyes are slightly out of sight.  These pink fish are found in the Pacific Ocean.  And prefers to be in water approximately 500 feet to 2200 feet deep.  The size of these fish gradually increases with age.  And it can grow up to about 40 inches!  But the size of an adult rough fish can be about 1 inch.  This rough eye rock fish can live up to approximately 205 years.

 9. Red Sea urchins

Red Sea urchins

There are many types of urkins in the sea.  However, this is larger in size than Orkins.  Its size is 10 inches. It is thought that these are animals 400 million years ago.  Most of the time they stay in the same place.  So they are bound by a kind of cut that protects them.  And moving at a much slower pace.  If these Arkins are in a favorable environment, they can live up to 200 years.

 8. Bowhed Whales

Bowhed Whales

At 14 to 26 meters long, these whales can weigh about 75 to 100 tons.  Scientists say that these animals are one of the largest and oldest mammals in the world.  Although these whales are easy to see, they die within 20 to 60 years.  But the reason is environmental pollution.  But many whales have been found who are 210 years old or older.

7. Koi Fish

Koi Fish

These fish are 30 to 50 years old to look very interesting.  But many fish have been found whose age is much more than 200 years.  Hanako is one of these types of fish.  Hanod was born around 1751.  And in 198 this fish died.  Now wondering how I understood their age.  In fact, in 1967, scientists estimated the age of fish by looking at their body rings.  As is the case with trees.  These fish have been reared for many years because they are so beautiful to look at.

6. Vestimentiferan tubeworms

Vestimentiferan tubeworms

These animals are found in Mexico.  These creatures live about 2500 feet deep in the sea which is really surprising.  The most surprising thing is that these animals spend their whole life in one place from the beginning to the end.  These live in groups and feed on bacteria.  They grow to about 10 feet in size over time.  Even more amazing is the fact that these animals can live up to 250 years.

5. Fresh Water Pearl Mussels (pearl, oyster)

Fresh Water Pearl Mussels

These animals are commonly found in Scandinavia, but the surprising thing is that these animals have the ability to survive in any environment.  This quality helps these animals to live longer.  According to scientists, these animals range in age from 200 to 250 years.  But sadly, these animals are on the verge of extinction due to increasing environmental pollution.

4. Tortoise


These cold-tempered animals are very intelligent.  They can't swim.  However, turtles can hold their breath in the water until they breathe.  They also have a hard cell behind them to protect them from external dangers.  These terrestrial turtles eat grass, leafy vegetables, and many fruits.  Some species of tortoises live to be about 500 years old, which is really surprising.

3. Ocean quahog

Ocean quahog

These are the kind of creatures that are found in the Scottish area.  These animals receive oxygen through their bodies and eat food.  These animals do not like to move much.  And most of the time it is found in mud.  They go into deep water to escape from outside predators and stay there for a long time.  They are more than 500 years old.

 2.  Antarctic Sponge

Antarctic Sponge

Many people did not know that sponges and animals are after Qatar.  But they are also a kind of animal.  Like animals, Antarctic sponges do not move much.  And you may not believe that this creature moves only one millimeter a day.  There are about 5,000 to 10,000 species of sponges.  And they live from 5 months to 20 years.  However, the Antarctic sponge is different from all other sponges.  Some Antarctic sponges live up to 1500 years.  Yes, they can live up to 1500 years.  So they have been given second place in this list.

1. Jelly Fish

Jelly Fish

Jellyfish tops the list.  Jellyfish are so beautiful to look at.  They are about one millimeter long at birth.  It grows to about 4.5 millimeters.  The strangest thing is that once fully grown, the jellyfish become as small as a small baby again.  Later it starts to grow again.  They do this many times.  This is what sets jellyfish apart from other creatures.  And because of this they are often called immortal.  However, in some places it is found that they can live for about 10,000 years.  Which is really surprising to think.

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