Top 10 peaceful Country in the world

Can you tell which are the most peaceful countries in the world?  If you don't know, let's not know the 10 countries in the world that are at the top of the list of peaceful countries.

Top 10 peaceful Country in the world

10. Japan

Japan consists of about 752 islands.  Japan is a volcanic archipelago.  Its largest islands are Honshu, Hokkaido, Kush, Shikoku.  With a population of about 12 crore 29 lakhs, the total area of ​​the country is about 3 lakh 6 thousand square kilometers.  

Japan is one of the leading countries in the world in terms of information technology.  And Japan is the second most economically prosperous country in the world in terms of communication system.  Japan ranks 10th on the list for its crime reduction and improved quality of life.

9. Switzerland

Although Switzerland is one of the richest countries in the world, it is not a member of the European Union.  The island covers an area of ​​41,275 square kilometers and is home to about 8.5 million people.  Citizens can express their views on any law.  Clean cities and less crime-prone countries and improved systems have made Switzerland one of the happiest countries in the world.

8. Canada

Canada is the second largest country in the world.  Most of the bogs in the northern region of North America are spread across the area.  The area of ​​this country is about 99 lakh square kilometers.  And 3 crore 22 lakh people live in this country.  

The Canadian government pays close attention to human safety in this country.  Due to which the level of crime and murder in this country is much less.  Moreover, the unemployment rate in this country is only 7.8%.  Canada ranks eighth in the list.

7. Slovenia

Slovenia is a country in Central Europe.  The name of the capital of this country is Nucleagana.  About 20 lakh people live in this country with an area of ​​about 20 thousand 273 square kilometers.  The level of crime in this country is very simple and the people here are very friendly.  Due to which tourists can go here without any hesitation.  The country ranks 6th on the list.

6. Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a country in Central Europe.  It is a country of about 6,006 square kilometers.  A total of about 1 crore 5 lakh 13 thousand people live in this country.  Czech Republic annexed by Austria, Germany, Slovenia.  This country is one of the major tourist attractions.  Anyone can travel in this country without any hesitation.  So this country is in the 6th position in this list

5. Denmark

Denmark is a country in northwestern Europe.  The country ranks 5th in terms of less corruption and one of the happiest countries.  The area of ​​this country is about 43,094 square kilometers.  And the number of inhabitants of this country is about 54 lakh 51 thousand people.  Denmark has 143 islands, six of which are habitable.

4. Austria

Austria is a country located at the top of the Alps.  This country is surrounded by mountains.  Which was selected as the 4th most peaceful country.  The area of ​​this country is 63 thousand 758 square kilometers.  6 lakh people live in the country.  

The flag of this country is recognized as the oldest flag in the world.  It is good to know that the person who introduced sewing machines to the world is a Sustrian.  Moreover, the father of one of the world's cars Porsche was an Austrian.

3. Portugal

Portugal is also a country in Europe.  The area of ​​this country is 92,355 square kilometers.  Portugal is recognized as a more peaceful and secure country as it has improved more than last year.  Portugal is an interesting and traditional country.  

The oldest university in Europe is located in this country.  Needless to say, Portuguese has been recognized as the official language of 9 countries around the world.  This country is at number 3 in the list.

2. New Zealand

At number two on the list is New Zealand, a country on the Australian continent.  New Zealand is far ahead of developed and advanced countries.  That is why New Zealand is called the 2nd most peaceful country in the world.  

World class education system.  It is natural for this country to be ranked second in terms of independent judiciary and quality medical care.

The area of ​​this country is about 2 lakh 80 thousand 534 square kilometers.  And only 48 lakh people live in this country.

1.  Iceland

Iceland is at number 1 in Talia.  Yes, Iceland is the most peaceful country in the world.  Which is perfectly suited for peaceful living.  The literacy rate in this country is 99 percent.  Democracy in this country is used honestly.  

The bones of inequality and chaos are close to zero.  Iceland is an island.  This country is world famous for its aesthetic surface design.  Iceland is rich in about 3 lakh 34 thousand manpower.  Its area is about 1 lakh 3 thousand square kilometers.  

The citizens of this country do not have to bear any cost for the education system.  Which is why civilization is an ornament of this country.

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