why volcanoes are formed?


why volcanoes are formed

There is no end to people's curiosity about volcanoes.  It's one of the scariest things in the world.  This volcano has lava, which is extremely hot.  Which can easily melt or burn anything.  And you may not know that earthquakes are caused by this lava.  And do you know why or how this volcano is formed.  Moreover, many of you may not know the difference between lava and magma.  So let Edge know all the secrets of this volcano.

 Our earth is not just made of clay.  There are many mineral resources under the soil of this world.  And deeper than that is magma.  Magma is the molten and heated form of various metals and minerals.  The temperature there is about 6000 degrees Celsius.  We have 6 tectonic plates in this world.  And there are 26 more sub-plates.  These always move a little bit from each other.  When this plate of earth moves downwards, the heavy plate moves downwards.  And the light plates go up.  Then the mountains are made of these light plates.  And the heavy plates continue to go down.  And when it goes down a lot, metals and rocks start to melt into the carbon of geothermal energy.  And later it took the form of magma.

The heat generated from this magma creates a lot of pressure on the light plate.  And once the light plate bursts and explodes.  And from there volcanoes are formed.  And from where the lava came out and began to freeze on the surface of the earth.  In this way lava is formed around the volcanic mountains.

 The place where the volcano starts from the top of the hill or is called the volcanic mouth.

 There is no difference between magma and lava.  When the heated metals are in the earth's crust, it is called magma.  And when they come out of the ground, they are called lava.  When a magma goes out but tea can come out because of a flat plate, there is a lot of pressure in the plate and this causes an earthquake.  As a result, if there is ever a volcanic eruption, a lot of toxic fumes and gases come out.  Lava comes out in its liquid form.

There are three types of volcanoes in the world.  The first is the active volcano or magical volcano.  These volcanoes erupt regularly.  There are more than 1,500 active volcanoes in the world today.  Our neighboring country India also has active volcanoes.  Maunarua and Krakatua on the island of Hawaii are the most active volcanoes in the world.  The second is the Shushuk volcano.  These types of volcanoes have been quiet or dormant for many years.  But these can be awake at any time.  So these are considered as very terrible.  Japan's Fujiya volcano is considered to be the most beautiful volcano in the world.  This is the Shusuk category volcano.  It can take terrible forms at any time.  Another type of volcano is the dead volcano.  Such volcanoes end earlier.  There is no possibility of an explosion from these.

So this was the mystery of the volcano.  If you have any comments, please let us know in the comments.

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