what would happen in world without ice?

What if one of the unseen causes all the heat on Earth to go away?  You will wake up in the morning and see if our whole country will be submerged under water.  Or will you slowly suffer to see death?  Read on to find out the answers to all the questions.

This world is covered with about 6 million square miles of ice.  And if these ice melts at the same time, the sea level will rise to 230 feet.  That height is enough to submerge the whole of India, including Bangladesh-India.

Ice of North pool

All the waters of the seven continents will be submerged and submerged.  We will not have this Bangladesh, we will not have London.  All of Asia will be submerged under water.  As a result, almost all the countries of Asia will be lost.  The same thing will happen in Spain and the Netherlands.

It will not be happy for Africa or the Middle East either.  Do you think all people will drown?  No, not everyone who lives in the highlands will die.  However, they will survive, but all the terrible situations will wait for them.  Melting all the ice will cause the earth's temperature to rise.  As a result, the submerged countries will also be uninhabitable.

And the amount of carbon dioxide in the air will increase a lot.  As a result, all surviving animals, including humans, will continue to experience shortness of breath.  Suppose you have survived this catastrophe and taken refuge in a higher part of the earth.  But you will have very little time to survive in the new world.  Because all the ice is melting, the climate will change.  And as a result of climate change, the sea will change its speed, which will harm marine life.

Melting ice

There will be no time for the seawater to adapt to this extreme seasonal change.  Even the creatures in the sea ice will gradually become extinct.  Survivors will have to leave their homes and find a suitable place to stay.  As a result, there will be shortage of food for people.  This change in the speed of the sea will cause a dramatic change in the climate again.  Extreme rainfall is expected in some places.  Drought will appear in many places again.

As a result, agriculture and farm industries will suffer.  The movement of the wind will also change.  There will be no ice for light reflection.  As a result, the sun will absorb more water from the sea and a lot of clouds will be formed in the sky.  And these clouds will become rain and storms which will create big disasters like big landslides.  Sea hurricanes will cause about 200 times more than before.

Not only that, small earthquakes will create big tsunamis.  And as a result of these natural disasters, people will have to leave one country and move to a country where there are less natural disasters.  And as a result, it will be almost impossible for the government of that country to run the country because of so many people.  Today's big world will become much smaller in a few hours.

But the good news is that not all ice melts overnight.  But the ice is melting.  Scientists speculate that if climate change continues in this way, the earth will be completely ice-free in the next 5,000 years.  As a result of this industrialization, carbon dioxide is being released into the air.  And if this carbon dioxide is not stopped without being released into the air, many earthquakes will continue to occur on Earth.  And so the coastal areas of Bangladesh and India will sink very easily.

 If you believe in the horrors of climate change, please let us know in the comments.

Asiful Sinan

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