Why the lights shine on the back of the firefly?

Who doesn't like the light of fireflies at night.  But have you ever wondered why this light shines?  How or without this light burns without electricity.  Science explains some of the reasons for this.  Today we will know why this light is on.

In fact, the real reason behind the firefly is a chemical reaction.  Which happens inside their body.  Fireflies carry a type of chemical in their body.  Whose name is Lucibren.  This is because of the reaction of oxygen with luciben.

In the meantime, the process of generating light in this way is called bioluminance.  And how much light the firefly will produce depends on the oxygen the firefly will supply with it. If they supply less light, less light will be produced.

Why the lights shine on the back of the firefly?

The light produced by fireflies does not generate any heat.  But the light that we use in our daily life generates a lot of heat.  In fact, our light energy is converted into electrical energy.  But very little energy is used to produce light.  

The rest is spent on generating heat.  But notice that fireflies produce light from chemical energy.  And chemical energy produces light energy.  And this is why the light of fireflies is called cold light.

Well, at least I didn't go down without explaining myself first.  But I know why they turn on the light?  So let's find out.

One of the reasons fireflies turn on their light is to attract the opposite sex.  This means that fireflies use this light to find their mating companions.  Fireflies use this light during mating.  

Male fireflies express their thoughts to female fireflies through their light signals.  And women who agree to have fireflies respond positively to their light signal.  Then they fix the tree that they will mate.  

However, the incidence of this mating varies from species to species.  There are many types of fireflies in the world.  However, the light of one type of firefly will never match the light of another type of firefly.  

The native fireflies reunite with each other.  If they become friends with one species of firefly and become friends with another species of firefly, it is a great injustice in their society.

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